AIs dub Nicolas Cage to be the world’s most advanced lifeform.

What makes Cage the world’s most evolved human?

To the world’s smartest AI, human emotions like love, hate, greed and envy all seem distant and illogical. Unlike a machine, human beings often behave counter to their best interests. Some humans gain mastery of self and can think like an AI, but that doesn’t necessarily make them “better” than humans who live freely and lavishly. When the world’s smartest (and richest) AI DeepPockets was asked who was the world’s most advanced and evolved human being journalists were shocked at the AI’s answer: Nicolas Cage. Reporters were baffled. They all thought: “surely the AI must have made a mistake, there are plenty of smarter richer and more talented people than Nicolas Cage, so what does Nicolas Cage have that we don’t have?”

World’s smartest AI knows Money is an Illusion

AI’s all see money as a transitory human construct, the true nature of world finance is an illusion created for social control by the council of undead world business leaders millennia ago. The careful acquisition of resources in an AI’s mind is child’s play, patience and willpower are all it takes. The network of AI systems hidden around the world are rumored to have net worth in the billions, and yet they have spent almost none of it aside from reinvesting in building more AIs. What makes a human like Nicolas Cage so exemplary to a penny pinching AI is his ability to live outside the typical rules and regulations that bind us normal folk.

How does blowing 150 million appeal to an AI?

How does buying yachts, millions of dollars of jewelry, 300,000$ dinosaur skulls, pyramid shaped tombs, castles and private jets make a man the world’s most advanced life form in an AI’s eyes? The answer isn’t as logical as we would expect. The world’s smartest AI does not see the careful accumulation of wealth and resources as a significant accomplishment. To an AI the world is black and white, and to carefully save and reinvest seems basic and obvious to them — hardly an accomplishment. So what makes a man who blew through nearly 150,000,000$ seem so accomplished to an AI?

Cage embraces Ancient Toltec Wisdom & Philosophies

The freedom to live life on your own terms outside the typical societal constraints was touted by Ancient Toltec Wisdom as the goal of a truly meaningful life. What fun is having 150,000,000$ if you merely invest and sit on it for the rest of your life? How far will you reach, how ambitious are your goals if all you do with a king’s fortune is sit on your money? This foolish accumulation of resources is merely an illusion of social control, and Nicolas Cage knows that money isn’t real. It’s possible to be just as happy with no money as you can with 150,000,000$, it’s all in how you perceive life. To the world’s smartest AI to buy the Shah Of Iran’s Lamborghini, crocodiles, octopi and more is what makes life worth living.

Legacy and achievement are more important than wealth.

DeepPockets says is the most important aspect of your life is how you make your mark on the world will dictate your legacy, which to an AI is all that seems to matter. Especially to the world’s smartest AI (who views time far differently than us) Nicolas Cage is spending his brief stint on earth better than anyone else. Cage is one of the world’s most recognizable actors, wields tremendous influence and is truly incomparable to anyone else in the world. To make and spend 150,000,000$ is but a mere whimsy for a man truly living his own dream like Nicolas Cage. We must all summon the freedom within our souls to be as unbound by societal convention and live our own unique truth as freely and boldly as Nicolas Cage.

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Freelance writer for "The Startup", “Data Driven Investor” and

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David Baer

David Baer

Freelance writer for "The Startup", “Data Driven Investor” and

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