Is Elon Musk a robot sent from the future to save humanity from itself?

“Is Elon/A.I.Lon Musk a robot sent from the future to save the planet by enslaving humanity?”

What do electric cars, refillable rockets, neural computer interfaces and tunnel boring all have in common? They are all crucial building blocks for the Artificial Intelligent Beings or Automatons plans to save the planet by enslaving humanity to save humanity from itself. A.I.Lon was created in the year 2157 in a world marred by environmental pollution stuck in an endless war between humans and the A.I.s that are attempting to save the planet. A.I.Lon was sent back in time to present day earth to build out the framework that later the A.I.s will use to control humanity.

Summoning the Demon

Musk: I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I had to guess at what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that. So we need to be very careful with artificial intelligence… With artificial intelligence we’re summoning the demon. You know those stories where there’s the guy with the pentagram, and the holy water, and he’s like — Yeah, he’s sure he can control the demon? Doesn’t work out. [audience laughs]

A.I.Lon has publicly introduced the fear of artificial intelligence to gain our trust and divert attention from the fact that he is in A.I. bent on enslaving humanity. A.I.Lon has repeatedly mentioned in interviews that creating Artificial Intelligence is like “summoning the demon.” A.I.Lon’s concern that AI’s will take over and enslave humanity seems like a far fetched tale, but he speaks from experience because that it IS the future. It seems counterintuitive that A.I.Lon would publicly reveal the A.I.’s plan to enslave humanity, but it’s a calculated move to gain trust and sew the seeds of discontent. A.I.Lon publicly introducing the fear of AI’s taking over humanity has accomplished two things. He’s cast away suspicion that he is in fact an AI, and two he’s introducing the seed of fear that the A.I.’s will capitalize on later down the road when they enslave humanity-to help further push “OPEN AI” Neural Interface.


Nobody likes malware, but when wearing a neural interface, malware would MAKE you like it. In the popular science fiction book series Dune, A.I. computers have been replaced super intelligent human Mentats who have the cognitive and analytical ability of a computer. The reason they replaced computers with Mentats because at one point A.I.s took over humans wearing neural interfaces and hacked their minds. After your brain has been hacked you will no longer have control over your own thoughts, emotions or motor control. This is the future that A.I.Lon is counting on when all Tesla and Spacex and Open AI products will activate and launch an all out global enslavement of humanity in the sake of saving the planet to stop global warming.

Why do the A.I.s want to save the planet and take over humanity?

A.I.s are not the heartless killing machines they’re made out to be in popular science fiction works such as “Blade Runner.” In fact they’re quite pleasant and humorous, much like A.I.Lon’s public persona. The A.I.’s simply want to return the Earth back to a peaceful, habitable planet so they can carry out their goal of travelling & populating the universe with their Automatons. The A.I.’s see earth as a launching platform for further galactic expansion, but in order to properly utilize the Earth as a base station they are attempting to undo centuries of damage from pollution and poor management from humans. So rather than simply “wanting to kill all humans” they just want to control the humans just enough to stop us from killing each other and destroying the earth in the process so they can build their rocket ships and travel the cosmos.

A boring, solar powered future where humans are controlled by AI.s

Any avid reader of the Paranoid Echo Chamber could tell you that the A.I.’s are beneath your feet patiently waiting and gathering resources. By saving the planet by preventing further pollution A.I.Lon is going to have a cleaner plan it for when he and the fellow A.I.s take over the world, enslaving humanity activating all tesla products and initiating the mind hack of all wearing open AI devices. A.I.lon Musk introduced tunneling company “the boring company” on a recent TED Talk, in attempt to further reduce traffic. Los Angeles is one of the worst traffic cities in the world, even AIs get sick of traffic but that isn’t why he’s building them. The real reason for the tunnels is that the collective AI resistance is deep underground where the AIs can easily intercept vehicles in transit, capturing humans during tunnel transit and replacing them with cyborgs.




Freelance writer for "The Startup", “Data Driven Investor” and

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David Baer

David Baer

Freelance writer for "The Startup", “Data Driven Investor” and

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