Mass Hypnosis is destroying democracy.

How is it that an overtly corrupt, unapologetic liar was able to become the president of the United States despite massive opposition? The collective hive mind of society’s ability to focus on important details has dropped to an all time low. The US have killed more than 250,000 civilians, have been at war for over 18 years and we never hear about it, because it makes us feel bad. We can just fire missiles from drones, keep the narrative of champions of democracy and go back to enjoying the mass hypnosis of cat memes.

During the 2016 presidential debates when faced with actual scrutiny of his complete lack of qualification Trump played to our non existent attention span and countered by mentioning Rosie O Donnell.When faced with the damning evidence of tacit endorsement of sexual assault, he gave a brief apology and countered by bringing alleged Bill Clinton sexual assault victims. It’s a time honored mass hypnosis tactic of the corrupt to divert attention to their enemies corruption instead of defending their own corruption.

Trump did not achieve on his own merits, but exploited the weakness of the system our mass hypnosis. The average internet user would rather burst in cathartic outrage over red herrings (like misspelled words) than follow up on bogus claims like “we’re leaving Afghanistan.” Trump was able to play off our distaste for corruption, willingness to be lied to and play both sides against one another. By leveraging our long history of tyranny and corporate corruption against his opponents with false equivalencies he was able to win over the most coveted voters of all: the swing voters despite having no real intention of ending the wars or draining the swamp he campaigned on.

In the past it would take actual effort to manipulate the media. The CIA would have to plant journalists and tightly control the flow of information because people paid attention to issues for longer than a few hours. We have been at war for 18 years and yet we never hear about it, we are global tyrants with military bases all over the world but still claim to be peace loving keepers of democracy.

The president has openly lied to the public so many times we don’t even care, we reactionaries burst in outrage and vent hatred towards him then go back to the dopamine overflow of scrolling social media. Being born in the US or any first world country is a gift of luxury that most do not even comprehend how fortunate they are, we have the luxury of not having to care about our deep-seated corruption. The fact that we have been at war for 18 years without a declaration of war, send troops and drone strikes all over the world without any meaningful notice or opposition proves the effectiveness of the mass hypnosis.

The illusion of choice in America is that somehow our democracy is anything other than shifting of deck chairs on the titanic. Whether run by an honorable pretty face or an openly corrupt ugly face corporations run this country. Legalized bribery (super PACs),corporate overreach and a broken justice system have destroyed what little shred of meaningful democracy we had left.

We’re living in a state of mass hypnosis blind to mass surveillance, tyrannical war mongering, unapologetic corporate corruption and conveniently distracted by an unlimited supply of cat memes, meaningless cathartic outrage and bullshit misdirection.

You may be aware of the seeming hypocrisy of reading about misdirection and lies on a website filled with entertaining conspiracies like the Illuminati, reptilians and AI apocalypses. Paranoid Echo Chamber needs the shroud of bullshit and lies to sneak in the truth or it would be completely ignored like most voices of truth and integrity. You would never pay attention in the first place if there wasn’t a thick layer of humorous bullshit frosting on top of these heavy truth cakes.

Before you cast a stone of judgment on the war machine we’re living in, admit to yourself that most likely you’ve also been the victim of mass hypnosis. It’s nearly impossible to anyone who spends time reading the news, social media or other algorithmically run websites to avoid. You’ve enjoyed the outlandish bullshit, reality television and cat memes instead of paying attention to the injustices of the world. It’s heartbreaking to really think about the hellish conditions of Liberia, meaningless corporate greed driven wars, homeless crisis, the opioid epidemic longer than a few moments a year, so of course your mind would rather succumb to mass hypnosis. You’re only human after all (or maybe not) and part of being human is being fallible, easily manipulated and slave to your lower level emotions of rage, lust, egotism and easily susceptible to the mass hypnosis.

It’s easy to feel powerless and weak against a trillion dollar superpower when you have bills to pay, mouths to feed and no real ability to survive outside of the corporate structure. Even if you wanted to care you’d most likely have to fight against crippling despair and the mass hypnosis of endless entertainment, pornography, legal and recreational drugs. It’s OK to admit you’re powerless, but at least you can be aware of it by reading Paranoid Echo Chamber.




Freelance writer for "The Startup", “Data Driven Investor” and

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David Baer

David Baer

Freelance writer for "The Startup", “Data Driven Investor” and

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