Slap Truthers claim Putin paid Jada.

The sinister truth behind the slap.

Slap Truthers claim Will Smith’s tear soaked speech may contain key evidence of a plot orchestrated by Vladimir Putin. It was the perfect storm of sensationalism, outrage, and narcisistic melodrama to snap everyone’s attention from the Ukraine and the crumbling economy to rant on social media. Slap truthers claim to have evidence that Putin plotted to steer the internet’s notoriously low attention span away from Ukraine. Some deny the slap even existed claiming that it was all CGI or Smith was in on it but others deny claiming the Oscars are especially important for Will Smith.

Smith’s decade long quest for the golden bald headed figure in many ways symbolizes his decade long quest for Jada’s approval. The public was outraged that 53 year old Will Smith known for being a nice guy was allowed to storm the stage and slap Rock. The Oscars is the premiere event for Illuminati elite and they would have never allowed somebody to bum rush the stage without making a few bucks. Which is where Putin and the Illuminati come into play.

“I am overwhelmed by what God(Jada) is calling on me to do.”

Will Smith’s 2022 Oscar acceptance speech.

You might think being one of the biggest movie star in the world would be enough attention to not livestream yourself bungee jumping out of helicopter, write a tell all book about yourself talk about your marital problems on your wife’s podcast. Attention is a powerful addiction for a sorceress like Jada and had to resort to brainwashing her entire family to help her maintain relevancy.

Slap Truthers claim Putin plotted the infamous slap to steer the public imagination from the war to slap memes. The council which Putin serves needed to steer headlines from Ukraine, inflation so they can continue price gouging oil. The Smith’s may be known as doing anything for attention but this event was so shocking leading Slap Truthers to deny it’s existance and investigate.

Putin paid for the Illuminati to arrange whole thing to steer the public attention on war in Ukraine. Slap Truthers claim timing of the slaps with the “talks” that have gone nowhere but slowing down the action. Conspiracy realists believe that this entire incident was staged and everyone was in on it. Others say Will had been chasing after his beloved gold bald headed man far too long to screw it up over a GI Jane joke.

Putin and the Council of Undead World Business leader’s goals is to shift the global economic superpower away from the US to the East. While the Illuminati generally oppose the Council they agreed to take Putin’s payout and set the slap truthers into a conspiracy denying yet another global event existed. By manipulating a global crisis they’ve been able to raise the price of oil and all commodities and steer attention away from their other aggressions into Taiwan.

Jada is a known scientologist and publicly declared she’s a student of spirituality and mysticism and reports claim she’s also an Illuminati sorceress. Experts point to the specific moment that the eye roll was actually a non verbal or “silent” cast on Will perfectly timed with the laugh. Forensic analysts reviewed the Jada-Tupac connection and there’s compelling evidence that Jada cast spells on Tupac to shift from thespian poet activist to shooting at the cops. Guests at the Smith’s secluded Illuminati headquarters Jada’s been keeping a Tupac’s animated corpse chained in their basement as a sex slave.




Freelance writer for "The Startup", “Data Driven Investor” and

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David Baer

David Baer

Freelance writer for "The Startup", “Data Driven Investor” and

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