The Curious Case of Kanye West

What’s really going on with Kanye West, Illuminati conspiracy or crazy person? For a man who’s spoken out against racial inequality, dangers of private prison and black oppression his whole career what would possess him to “bootlick” a president who according to leftist media has more or less endorsed the KKK? Kanye West Illuminati rumors have been circulating since joining Rocafella records, it didn’t help that their hand symbol was reminiscent of the Illuminati pyramid.

This perceived cosmic leap in character and values lead many of his fans to denounce him, although most haven’t gone the full mile to boycott his music and sneakers “Yeezy’s” (some claim they’re just too comfortable and or cool to turn their back on.) Whatever the case, most people have the common sense to acknowledge the man is admittedly bipolar and can separate the art from the artist. Kanye has always gone “against the grain” but now that hip-hop culture has more or less been accepted as popular culture maybe the only way for him to “go left” was to go right… literally.

Kanye has made some shocking claims about “blacks played by Democrats” and “escaping mental slavery and the plantation”, which many of his critics have labeled as manic rants, brainwashing, or flat out Uncle Tom “coonery buffoonery” turning his back on his race. Kanye actually hasn’t denied siding with racists but rather points out “if I had a problem with racism I would have left America a long time ago.”

Kanye’s opinions may seem inconsistent but one thing has always been constant: He speaks his mind “positive or negative” often at his own expense. The fallback from his “slavery is a choice” comment was severe and most of his core audience denounced him, called him a clone or brainwashed and lost almost a good chunk of credibility. It’s undeniable that he was in some sort of mentally unstable state and was ranting, but many have pointed out within the madness there was some sound logic and wisdom — albeit wrapped in some “crazy.”

If Kanye cared about what other people thought of him and playing it safe he would have never called out George W. Bush on national TV, publicly insulted Taylor Swift (for seemingly no reason) or his paranoid rant about longtime mentor and collaborator Jay-Z. Kanye West Illuminati or not is a man unbound by practically anything at this point, which is perhaps why he’s taken to idolizing Trump, who seems to equally not care what people think of him. 12 years a slave director James McQueen has said that he understands that Kanye simply “wants to be free” regardless of how anyone feels about it.

Those attempting a positive perspective feel that Kanye is trying to heal the widening gap between democrats and republicans that’s turning the country “to shit.” Others believe he’s simply a manic depressive out of control, others propose that it’s “4-D chess” with some greater purpose in mind, some claim it’s some sort of bizarre performance art and the cynics believe it’s all BS and he’s manipulating the media for press (which if it was his goal he’s certainly achieved it.) Whatever interpretation you believe you can’t deny that he’s certainly making “waves” and ruffling feathers, something that’s increasingly harder to do in today’s crowded media climate.

Which interpretation do you believe? The irrefutable facts are he’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder (although many mental health advocates were upset he attempted to deny it, which is actually quite typical of those diagnosed with bipolar disorder), he’s received a ton of press, and may or may not have achieved his goal of meeting with Trump and discussing some issues like getting Larry Hoover’s sentence re-examined, changing the stop and frisk laws and announced moving his sneaker factories to Detroit and Chicago.

Recently he spoke out against mind control, perhaps ironically seeing as he just met with a president known for mental manipulation and possibly Reptilian mind control. Kanye has always been a firebrand luminary and never tied his opinions to one school of thought — no matter how wrong he was or seemed. Perhaps the lesson to take from Kanye is that it’s OK to be hated by people as long as you believe in yourself and aren’t hurting anyone. Whether or not Kanye West Illuminati rumors are true, he’s certainly going through some sort of personal or spiritual transformation and experiencing instability, deleting his social media accounts twice in a year.

So if you want to be positive about it, you can see the good in his intentions: that he’s attempting to do good and may be going a little crazy if you’re neutral that it’s all some publicity play and cynical that he’s “changed” and joined the dark side. Whatever your opinion, you can’t deny perhaps you care a little more about Kanye than you did last year when the public opinion was he was just “irrelevant fat Kanye.”

If Kanye has just lost his mind, we hope he takes his diagnosis seriously and considers psychiatric medicine (more than one or two pills a week maybe) and if he does have some bigger greater purpose that he succeeds in his goal of trying to heal the divide and push us towards the future. Assuming the worst that Kanye West Illuminati poster boy has sold out his race, values and ideals we hope he finds his way again.




Freelance writer for "The Startup", “Data Driven Investor” and

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David Baer

David Baer

Freelance writer for "The Startup", “Data Driven Investor” and

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