The Tribalist support that got Trump elected is finally beginning to turn on him.

Tribalism works in mysterious ways, the tribalist thinking that got Trump elected is now turning against him. The big bold claims and promises that rallied his tribe behind him to think he was , are being used against him. Despite all the opposition he’s faced since taking office, his supporters have only recently started to waver due to the constant staff firings and perceived instability. It’s one thing to be unstable and chaotic when pretending to be the outsider coming to change the system, it’s much worse to be seen as chaotic when you ARE the system.

Ironically, the past 8 months since being in office the chaos and opposition to him was spun as a “good” thing to his tribalist supporters. In their simplistic minds if their enemies are mad at them, they must be doing something right. This sort of oppositional thinking can be seen in professional wrestling, sports, teenage melodramas and other simplistic, tribalist activities. Rallying tribal support against a cause is often most effective when message is boiled down to simple terms and concepts such as: (“bad hombres vs. the wall”, “Crooked hillary!”, “low energy jeb!”, “lyin’ ted cruz”, “nasty rosie o donnell” etc.)

Reptilians have a very deeply ingrained “us vs. them” mindset which limits their critical thinking and reasoning skills. Which helps to explain why they thought a 70 year old sleazy businessman whose only true skill is the art of bullshit(“the deal”) was considered qualified to be president over a seasoned politician married to a former president (two for the price of one!)

Talking the talk may have been enough to win the election, but it’s not enough to hold the presidency. One big negative holding Reptonald back is simply how undeniably lazy, ineffective, unaccomplished and untalented he is by comparison to Obama as President.

It’s hard to really be shocked that an inexperienced unqualified politician is doing as poorly as he is, what’s more shocking is that anyone expected otherwise. The notion of a “political outsider” being able to even perform the job of president is naive.

For everyone who wants Neil Degrasse Tyson or Kanye West or any other political outsider to do a job that is the definition of insider take a moment to consider how much being an outsider is of any benefit at all. The ability to do his job as president relies on being an effective insider, liar, two faced — many of the traits that Reptonald questionedfor.

The real war we are facing is rationalism vs. mass hysteria. Anyone who’s managed the difficult task of keeping a cool head over the past 12 months could see that as a country we simply made a bad, uninformed decision to elect a shady businessman to try and run our country. Many people “felt the system was rigged” and were upset that things didn’t change the way they would have liked them to change under the Obama Administration.

Fantastical self destructive thinking despite all the evidence to the contrary led people to think a non politician would actually be able to run the country. Most of their frustration was simply willful ignorance and impatience, Obama never promised things would get better immediately but overall they did over time.

In business it’s fairly easy to keep lying without being called on your bluff. Businesses frequently lie to the public, to hide losses — manipulate public opinion and a variety of other deceptive tactics without fear of being called out. So Reptonald’s penchant for lying should have been expected, but maybe he wasn’t expecting at how bad at it he would be as president.

Fortunately, the gift of gab isn’t getting Reptonald as far as it used to. It’s much harder to lie in government than in business. Probably because there is an ever increasing mountain of evidence (bullshit) to call him on his bluff, weakening the potency of his “spin.” Given his inability to maintain his spin, will his tribalist supporters begin to see things as they are? Will they see that his biggest flaw as a politician is the very same reason they elected him in the first place?

The “political outsider shaking things up” fantasy has run it’s course. It’s clearly as flawed as any reasonable person would have expected it to be. Why would someone who doesn’t have relationships, doesn’t “play the game”, and do all the legwork for being a politician that was branded as “crooked” have any reasonable odds for success? Being a “shady corrupt insider” is just an ignorant reductionist perspective of someone who doesn’t know how the game is played. It’s easy to be an armchair critic and complain that “the game is rigged against us”, but that argument is often more than not is simply misinformed.

We shouldn’t want a leader who we would want to sit down and have a beer with. We shouldn’t want someone who speaks from the heart, can dance to the latest Katy Perry song and handle complicated foreign policy. It’s stupid of us to demand so much useless “likability” from our president.

Objectively, we should want the coldest most calculating slickest liar we could get. Being a two faced slick phoney liar who plays people off of each other is what the job ACTUALLY calls for — not being fun to get a beer with, “talking straight” and any other misinformed belief that helped get Reptonald elected.

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Freelance writer for "The Startup", “Data Driven Investor” and

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David Baer

David Baer

Freelance writer for "The Startup", “Data Driven Investor” and

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